Keynote & Workshop Descriptions

9:00 – 9:30 a.m. – Opening & Singing with Ms. Christiana Quick-Cleveland (Upstairs)

9:30 – 10:30 — KEYNOTE PRESENTATION (Upstairs)
Five Spheres: A Home Educator’s Trail Guide – Rick Tan


Join Rick Tan for this outside-of-the-box keynote presentation. Rick will lead participants through a hands-on activity to develop a practical understanding of five key areas that impact homeschool life. Using the senses and imagination, gain insight and inspiration into your path as a home educator, while learning to balance personal health, homeschooling goals and family life. What an excellent way to kick off our mini-conference theme of “avenues and inspiration!”

10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. — Break / Vendor Fair

11:00 a.m.  – 12:30 p.m.
Session A Workshops

“Can We Talk?!” Tools for Moving Through Challenging Conversations Between Parents, Teachers, and Students – Talib Huff (Downstairs)

In addition to teaching at WLR, Talib Huff is a certified presenter and mentor in Dynamic Dialogue and has completed the two-year practicum in Contemplative Dialogue. Drawing on these skills, along with his 25+ years of education working with adults and children, he will share insights on how to move a difficult conversation from where we are trying to overcome each other to understanding each other.

Making Lucets / Main Lesson Basics – Rick Tan (Upstairs)

Join Rick Tan in this hands-on workshop in which participants will sand and decorate wooden lucets (pictured above and used in Jennifer Tan’s class on Lucetting). Lucets are ancient handheld tools that were used by Vikings to braid cords. While your hands are busy, Dr. Tan will also present Waldorf homeschooling logistics such as how to use main lesson books in recording student work. $5 supply fee for Lucet. Payable in cash or check to Syrendell.

Self-Directed Learning / Unschooling / Natural Learning – Kathy Anuszczyk (Kitchen)

This workshop will explore the many ways we can enhance learning by trusting and supporting the interests our children express.  We’ll see how the natural yearnings to explore and experiment will eventually lead to a very rich education. We’ll discuss ways to let go of the expectations of structure and discipline that were imposed and considered necessary in our own schooling, and how we can work through doubts that will inevitably come to us as we move towards finding the way that works best for our family’s learning. Freedom within structure won’t always look the way society tends to think education happens, but once you’ve created a foundation space for learning, your family will be on its way for quite an adventure with many rich interactions and valuable explorations.

12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. — Lunch / Vendor Fair

1:45 p.m.  – 3:15 p.m.
Session B Workshops

Homeschooling 101 – Audra Sterrett (Downstairs)

Are you brand new to home education? Or maybe just looking to revisit the basics of getting started? If so, this class is for you! Join Audra Sterrett to learn about:

  • Facing your fears
  • Why choose home education?
  • Communicating with friends and relatives about your decision to home educate
  • Homeschooling vs. home education
  • De-schooling: what it is and why it is important
  • The four ways to legally homeschool in California
  • Charter options: pluses and minuses

Lucet & Kumihimo  – Jennifer Tan (Upstairs)

Explore Japanese and Viking styles of cord weaving in this easy-to-learn handwork workshop! Jennifer Tan will lead parents in learning the basics of both fiber arts, and provide supplies needed to make beautiful cords. Parents will go home with a kumihimo disc, and plant-dyed wool yarns used during the workshop. Kumihimo and Lucet are appropriate to teach children ages 5 and up. $5 supply fee for Kumihimo & plant-dyed wool yarn;  Wood lucets are available for purchase for $12 following the workshop (no need if you make your own Lucet in R. Tan’s Session A workshop). Payable in cash or check to Syrendell.

Double Lucet Rainbow Yarn

Double Lucet Rainbow Yarn



Create Your Homeschool Mission Statement – Ciana Keller (Kitchen)

In this hands-on class, participants will create their own vision boards as a spring board to crafting their individual homeschool mission statements and/or educational philosophy for their home learning environment. Get inspired and re-connect to your family’s values and intention for choosing this path. Through the creative process, you will walk away with a tool that will continue to inspire and uplift you throughout the year. Ciana is an experienced home educator and credentialed teacher who brings joy and enthusiasm to all of her endeavors!

3:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. — Break

3:30 p.m.  – 5:00 p.m.
Session C Workshops

Conflict to Cooperation: Conscious Parenting to Build Pathways – G’anna Burke (Downstairs)

You entered parenthood thinking it would be this beautiful symbiotic relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. You would feel relaxed and be able to parent your children differently than you were parented, and in turn, your children would be respectful and peaceful. In reality, you feel frustrated by your child’s behavior and you just don’t understand what they need to be happy. You thought you would parent your child differently than you were parented yet you don’t know how to get cooperation with out yelling and timeouts. You hear yourself repeating the same things to your kids that were said to you as a child. You feel frustrated and disheartened by your child’s behavior. Through this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Parenting paradigms currently alive in the world
  • What is going on in your child’s brain when triggered
  • What brain science tells us about emotional intelligence
  • How to gain natural cooperation from your child
  • The one tool that is missing in your parenting toolbox

Healthy Movement & Games – Brian Wolfe (Upstairs)

Join Brian Wolfe as he provides an interactive overview of healthy movement and games throughout the grades! Whether you have one child or many, there will be plenty of ideas for you to incorporate into your daily rhythm. We’ll also discuss a healthy approach to sports and competition, and discuss the phenomenon of “burnout” often seen in the middle years. This is a hands on workshop. We’ll talk, move, play some games, and you might even know how to juggle when you leave!

Kitchen Yoga & Finding Balance in Homeschooling – Sandi Russi & Ciana Keller (Kitchen)

Do you often feel overwhelmed? Looking for a way to recharge? But lacking that necessary ingredient – time? Join Sandi in this gentle approach to finding simple ways to relax and recharge your life, despite the seeming lack of time. We will meet in the kitchen and explore simple yoga postures, breathing exercises and other tools for finding peace amidst the chaos. Learn how to use what you have as props for gentle stretches and the importance of self-care for busy homeschooling parents. In addition, Ciana Keller will share valuable tools and resources for helping parents find balance in their busy, multi-tasking lives.

5:00 p.m. — Raffle Drawing & Closing