Thank you for choosing WLR on your homeschooling journey!

Whether you use a charter school or not, be sure to complete the online registration form below. Once completed, you will receive a Confirmation e-mail. Be sure to share the information with your charter teacher to prepare the P.O./voucher. WLR must receive the P.O./voucher before classes begin in order for the school to approve payment. Parents are responsible for any fees not covered by the charter school.

Self-paying families may make secure online payment in the system or mail check or money order to:
P.O. Box 19676
Sacramento, CA 95819.

View the Schedule pages as well as the Class Description pages before registering.

When registering your student(s), please note:

    • Our online system is designed to simplify registration from semester to semester, eliminating duplicate forms and processes.
    • Returning families, be sure to check your information to be sure it is up to date; the system will query you to verify that your information is up to date.
    • All forms (emergency, liability, etc.) are completed online—they must be e-signed in order to complete the registration process.
    • Secure online payment is available for self-paying families.
    • Don’t see your student’s forms? Continue to the Dashboard and you will have the option to edit previously created student profile forms or add a new student.
    • If you were “inactive” with WLR the previous session, your profile may appear to be missing; you will be prompted to e-mail WLR to request re-activation.