Registration is currently closed for the 2017 Fall Session.

We are working on the schedule for the upcoming 2018 Winter-Spring Session. To give your input, please complete our short survey.


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Thank you for choosing WLR on your homeschooling journey!

All students must have a completed registration form on file (private pay and charter school).

Once completed, you will receive a Confirmation e-mail.

If you are with a charter school, forward the Confirmation to your teacher to prepare the P.O./voucher. WLR must receive the P.O./voucher before classes begin in order for the school to approve payment. Parents are responsible for any fees not covered by the charter school.

Self-paying families may make secure online payment in the system or mail check or money order to:

P.O. Box 19676
Sacramento, CA 95819

Before registering, please note the following items:

  • View the Schedule pages as well as the Class Description pages. The Class Description pages are where you will find any specific requirements for class such as items to bring or prerequisites.
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to fully participate in class, be sure to review  Participation in WLR Classes.
  • If your child has special needs, please contact us to be sure the desired classes will be suitable for your child.

When registering your student(s), please note:

        • Our online system is designed to simplify registration from semester to semester, eliminating duplicate forms and processes.
        • Returning families: the system will query you to verify that your information is up to date. Update accordingly including grade level and emergency contact information.
        • All forms (emergency, liability, etc.) are completed online—they must be e-signed in order to complete the registration process.
        • Secure online payment is available for self-paying families.
        • Don’t see your student’s forms? Continue to the Dashboard and you will have the option to edit previously created student profile forms or add a new student.
        • If you were “inactive” with WLR the previous session, your profile may appear to be missing; you will be prompted to e-mail WLR to request re-activation.