Participation in WLR Classes

The mission of WLR is to provide a variety of wholistically-inspired specialty classes to supplement the education of local homeschooling families. While supplementing all that you do with your children, we aim to provide a positive classroom learning experience. For some it may take a little time to adjust to this new setting, but most students adapt well to our small classes and warm, caring teachers.

WLR is not a school and therefore, we have limited resources and time with our students. We have very few rules and do not typically Painting1-3-4 BS-Girlsneed to spend much time in classroom management/ disciplinary measures. Our teachers enjoy their work and the majority of our students truly want to be in the program; they enjoy our classes and interacting with one another, creating a mutually rewarding experience for all involved.

We also recognize that some children may not be ready for a classroom experience; they simply may not have yet reached an “integrated maturity level,” as described by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore. This is not a problem, issue or shortcoming but rather the natural, normal course of childhood development and also one reason some children do so much better at home than in a full-time classroom setting.

In addition, we are often asked, “do you accept special needs students?” We accept special needs students on a case-by-case basis and parents are encouraged to call the Program Director for more information. We consider the student’s needs, the class curriculum, and the number of students enrolled among other factors.

All students, special needs or not, are expected to be “participation-ready” for our classes.

“Participation-ready” means that the student can:

  • follow the teacher’s directions
  • be cooperative
  • be respectful to the teacher, other students and the property of others
  • refrain from distracting/disruptive behavior
  • engage in the class curriculum / content / activity to the best of his/her ability

If assistance is needed on any of the above, WLR will contact the parent to work toward resolution.

In the case of repeated disruptive behavior, student may be dismissed from the program.

You know your child best. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to participate in our classes, please contact Sandi Russi, Program Director, at 916-606-0799.