Participation in WLR Classes

The mission of WLR is to provide a variety of wholistically-inspired specialty classes to supplement homeschooling families. While supplementing all that you do with your children, we also offer a positive classroom learning experience. For some it may take a little time to adjust to this new setting, but most students adapt well to our small classes and warm, caring teachers.

On the other hand, WLR is not a school. We do not have numerous rules and do not typically Painting1-3-4 BS-Girlsneed to spend much time in classroom management or disciplinary measures (nor do we desire to do so based on the limited scope of the program). Our teachers truly enjoy their work and the majority of our students truly want to be here; they enjoy our classes and interacting with one another. This creates a mutually rewarding experience for all involved.

However, WLR recognizes that some children may not be ready for a classroom experience; they simply may not have yet reached an “integrated maturity level,” as described by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore. This is not a problem, issue or shortcoming but rather the natural, normal course of childhood development and also one reason some children do so much better at home than in a full-time classroom setting.

You know your child best. If you have any concerns about your child’s interest and/or willingness to participate in our classes, please contact Sandi at 916-606-0799.