Meet Our Teachers

Stefanie Belson Woodworking & Handwork
Stefanie Belson is a multi-media artist, Integrative Therapist and parent of two Waldorf stefpsychic garden(1)graduates. She has taught Waldorf pre-kindergarten and Gardening. Early in life, Stefanie “learning through doing” resonated with her as she experienced farming, construction work and artistic activities. She enjoys sharing hands-on activities with children.

Lorna Burkhard  Nature Notebook Journaling
 Lorna Burkhard grew up in a family of teachers and has been involved with education for her entire life. As an LornaBexperienced teacher in private, public and charter schools, Lorna left public education in order to instruct her own children at home – all the way through high school. Her teaching philosophy is based on child development and a desire to make learning age appropriate and enjoyable. To accomplish these goals, she embraces several approaches including Charlotte Mason, Classical and Waldorf. Lorna believes that teaching is a privilege and finds working with children rewarding.

Guy Galante — Nature Connections
As a Carmichael native and resident, Guy Galante is passionate about the American River Parkway and his career has focused on creating future stewards of it. Guy has led hundreds of walks and talks along the American River with youth and adults covering a wide variety of g-galantetopics. As a 6th grade teacher in Gold River, his curriculum revolved around the Parkway. More recently he has served as the Youth Education Director at Soil Born Farms where he delivered farm and nature-based curriculum. He is passionate about native plants and plant restoration and has published curriculum focused on maintaining Rancho Cordova’s restored Cordova Creek.  He is also a licensed Bird Language Leader and is bringing this activity to Sacramento in partnership with the 8 Shields Institute and National Audubon.

Guy spends much of his personal time wandering the trails in the Parkway with his yellow Labrador, Natoma. He is a well known local nature photographer and primarily focuses on capturing images of coyotes. He has photo-documented coyotes along the river for more than 10 years. Guy works with the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Sacramento Valley Conservancy, Save the American River Association, Friends of the River Banks and other Parkway entities. His primary focus is to bring County Parks, stakeholder groups and communities together to foster a deeper connection with, and an appreciation of, the American River Parkway.

Michaela Gnos – Earth Sciences, Hands-On Geology
Michaela Gnos’ family background has been defined by strong women teachers who taught children of various age groups. Following in those footsteps, she spent three years leading tours at the UC Davis Rock Garden, providing both student and parents with a positive and hands-on introduction to the field of earth sciences.

As a UC Davis graduate with a B.S. in Geology, Michaela aspires to encourage awareness and the care of our Earth. Teaching young minds to meet this endeavor has in turn taught her how humbling it is to see a young mind grow with each step they take towards knowledge. Experiencing a similar journey as a child led Michaela to UC Davis to pursue her childhood fascination with Geology and to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in the field. Michaela’s focus is to share what she has learned with others, to encourage others to explore with patience for themselves, and to experience the world with a new perspective on its beauty and complex nature.

In July 2017, Michaela was awarded the Excellence in Outreach Award by the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department for three years of voluntary service towards outreach.

Michaela believes that children should experience the world in as many ways as they can, which includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles and seeks to instruct her students in peaceful, patient and inclusive educational pathways.


Tim Godby — Kitchen Basics, WLR Assistant Manager
Mr. Godby’s background includes over 30 years in the restaurant business. His experience includes prep cook and server, and he has worked with numerous excellent chefs. Safety and Tim-Lucy-croppedproper food handling are #1 for Mr. Godby. He also emphasizes fresh, seasonal, organic, health-enhancing ingredients and tasty recipes. In addition, Mr. Godby has studied child development, helped run and coordinate an afterschool program and served on the board at Camellia Waldorf School. He is the proud father of four sons, ages 19-29, and a long-time supporter of Wholistic Learning Resources and Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers (WISH) which were founded by his wife, Sandi Russi, and son, Noah Godby. Mr. Godby has a great sense of humor, enjoys excellent food and the culinary arts, and looks forward to working with WLR families. His life motto is “I am here only to be truly helpful.”

Talib Huff — Games, Science, Math, Art, Greek Mythology & History
Talib Huff studied Interpersonal Communications at De Anza College, earned a Waldorf Teaching Diploma from Talib-131x138Rudolf Steiner College, and completed the five-year in-service training with the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Mr. Huff has accumulated almost 20 years of experience as a teacher at Mountain Meadow Waldorf School, Davis Waldorf School, Golden Valley Charter School, and Wings Learning Resources. He also worked as an Education Specialist at the Explorit Museum in Davis and the Discovery Museum in Sacramento. With his wife, Talib has developed, produced, and toured puppet shows in the United States and Italy.

Ciana Keller — Kindergarten
Ciana Keller is a credentialed teacher, with a BA in Child Development. Ms. Keller has over 25 years of experience as an educator, teaching infants through adults, including preschool and kindergarten.  She has been homeschooling her three children — Cade 15, Josie 12, and Jenna 5 — since birth.  Her education philosophy is inspired by Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason and Thomas Jefferson. Ms. Keller is looking forward to having her youngest, Jenna, learn in the safe, nurturing environment of WLR with like-minded families.

Christiana Quick-Cleveland — Music / Singing / Story & Drama
Christiana started teaching music while she was still in elementary school, teaching her friends what she learned in her piano lessons. Now, 50 years later, teaching continues to be a passion. In those intervening years, she taught in classrooms starting as young as 2nd grade and going on through to high school.

Christiana graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in music, specializing in Vocal Performance. While singing has been the central thread in all of her work, it has taken her in myriad directions – not only as a music educator, but also as a performing artist, director, producer, composer, and arranger. All of these skills served her wellC. Quick-Cleveland as a music specialty teacher in the Waldorf classroom; however, eventually her focus shifted to adult education, curriculum development, and teacher support in her role as the Music Coordinator for Rudolf Steiner College.

Christiana’s classes have always been noted for her enthusiastic, high energy style and for her capacity to inspire people of all ages to discover their unique capacity for song. She presently focuses her work through her own business called Tiana Music Enterprises, where she continues to provide possibilities for people seeking transformation through the musical arts

Sandi Russi — Pentathlon Training, Yoga, Writing, Grammar, Speaking, Program Director
Sandi received her B.A. in Rhetoric & Communication from UC Davis, with a minor in English. While Sandi-white_sweater-cropped-139x113studying at UCD, she discovered Waldorf education and soon enrolled her son in a Waldorf preschool. In 2002, Sandi left the position of Publishing Manager to pursue a teaching credential at CSUS. Along the way she discovered home education.

In 2003, Sandi founded Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers (WISH), and subsequently attended various programs at Rudolf Steiner College including Pentathlon Skills Training. Sandi has been a Guest Teacher at local public Waldorf schools and has also taught Business Writing Skills and Grammar to adults, and is a freelance copy editor/proofreader. She is a certified Ananda Yoga Instructor (RYT) and has been teaching yoga since 2000. In addition, Sandi has helped youth develop public speaking skills as a 4-H Communication Project Leader and Club Leader.

As Program Director, Sandi handles all administrative tasks including scheduling and registration, ensures that classes are running smoothly and that teachers and students have all needed supplies in an environment conducive to learning.

Katrina Schultz – Native American Stories & Crafts, Gardening, Nature Stories & Crafts, Hands-On Geology
Katrina Schultz holds a B.A. in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento. In addition, she has completed the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Rudolf Steiner College. She has taught at Camellia Waldorf School and has apprenticed at Chaw’se Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park. A home educator herself, Katrina Schultz is an avid gardener who enjoys sharing her passion for the arts, nature and storytelling.


Audra Sterrett — American Sign Language, Beginning Knitting, Kindergarten, Math, Writing
Audra Sterrett holds a BA in Literature and has been credentialed to teach Audra-picin California public schools. In addition, Audra has been homeschooling her own children for nine years and teaching at assisting at WLR for two years. Ms. Audra brings joy and enthusiasm to her students, with a bright, positive outlook that is inspiring to all.

Learning Spanish in high school piqued Audra’s interest in different languages. She subsequently studied French, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) while earning her degree at U.C. Santa Barbara. When Audra learned that her sister was teaching her nephew to sign before he could speak, she realized that ASL would be helpful with young children. As a public school kindergarten teacher, Audra used sign language and other movement as a way to engage her students. ASL helped them actively engage in the learning process and improved their memory. Audra also used ASL to communicate with her own children before they could speak. Audra has taught ASL classes to parents and toddlers through Mother’s Support Network, “1st 5 Sacramento,” and to children of all ages through the University of California’s 4-H Youth Development program.

Jennifer Tan — Handwork and Music (Davis)J.Tan-photo
Jennifer Tan holds a Masters in Education-Administration and both California Teaching and Administration Credentials as well as a B.A. in Classical Civilization. Jennifer is a professional fiber artist, flutist, aromatherapist, wedding officiant, educator and owner of Syrendell. She has been a public school teacher, gifted and talented facilitator, school principal and organizational leader. Jennifer has homeschooled her own children both privately and through a charter school in a Waldorf-inspired environment. She consults in the areas of Waldorf curriculum, homeschooling, handwork and music.

Rick Tan, MD — Nature Notebooks, Woodworking and Art (Davis)R. Tan-photo
Rick Tan is a Doctor of Medicine and holds a Waldorf Teaching Certificate as well as a BA in Biological Sciences. Rick is a professional artist, harpist, pianist, feng shui consultant, wedding officiant, educator and owner of Syrendell. He has taught at two Waldorf schools, and has been a K-12 public school teacher, gifted and talented facilitator, and school artist-in-residence. Rick has homeschooled his own children, and he consults in the areas of Waldorf curriculum, homeschooling, art, and music.


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