Kindergarten Programs

WLR has several classes for families who are interested in giving their kindergarten aged children some fun social and learning experiences.

Learning is Fun! K-1
The WLR K-1 program is a heart-centered approach to the magical age of early learning and is designed to meet the social interests of young children, ages 4-7. Children will engage in nurturing experiences that honor each child’s development, with a focus on love, respect and wonder. Joyful interactions will occur through play, songs, story, music, nature walks and seasonal themes. Through movement, rhythm and exploration, we gently lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. If your child needs parental support while in class, let the WLR Program Director know as we have limited space in class for extra adults.

Games Grades 1-8

Games Class

Games K-3
The K-3 Games program is an excellent way to extend your child’s social time at WLR. Children will engage in cooperative, fun and active physical education games including tag and running games. Weather permitting, class is typically held outdoors. However, class may also meet indoors for less active, but equally fun, indoor games.

American Sign Language
Through this active class, students will use movement to learn American Sign Language (ASL) through songs, activities and games. Each class will focus on a vocabulary topic and include review, finger spelling and sentence building. Topics will be based on the children’s interests (animals, nature, food, family, colors, emotions, and more.) Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend with their children.

Kindergartners are welcome to join our Spanish class for a fun, interactive foreign language immersion experience. (See Spanish class description for more information.)