Greek Pentathlon Training


Pentathlete recites ode to the gods before throwing the discus.

The Pentathlon Training is the perfect complement to your student’s study of Greek History or Mythology, bringing learning to life while creating lasting memories.

(To further enhance the Pentathlon experience, consider registering your student for WLR’s Greek Mythology, History & Art class on Mondays.)

CLASS FEE: $385 / $365 if registered by Jan. 5

Register for the Greek Pentathlon here.

DAYS: Wednesdays

TIMES: 9:30 a.m. — 11:30

DATES: TBD – 12 weeks beginning mid-January 2018


*Parent participation dates: after the students complete their practice on these dates, instructor will meet with the parents to review the set-up and the adult participation tasks that will be needed the day of the final event (May 20).

**Class fee covers the 12 training dates (no make-up dates other than rain dates). The final event (May 20) is a community event. Parents will be needed to help with set-up and monitoring some of the events. We will also include a Greek potluck luncheon. Friends and family are invited to celebrate and admire the feats of the athletes on this special day!

Note: If additional rain make-up dates are needed, they may be scheduled during school breaks (February 16-20 or March 30 – April 10) or on days other than Wednesdays.


LOCATION: Most of the training will be held at Ancil Hoffman Park (Carmichael, close to Fair Oaks Blvd. & Arden Way). We will meet at the grassy area near the entrance kiosk. Parking is $5/ annual County park pass available; or, park outside the park and walk in. Starting April 15, training sessions will be held at Tahoe Park in Sacramento (near Hwy 50 & 65th Street).


Students will train for discus, javelin, Greek wrestling, running, and long jump. This program will emphasize safety as well as poise and grace throughout the training. Each week will include warm-ups, training and practice in 1-3 events, and cool down/stretching. Ideal for those studying Greek Mythology and History, or for those who have previously studied these subjects.

Requirements: Students should come ready for active participation wearing appropriate clothing and footwear (athletic shoes). Bring water and light snacks. Bring a positive attitude. Attendance is very important as we will be learning important safety and skill techniques during each class. Designed for grades 5-8; minimum age is 10 years old.

Recommended Reading: Prior to first class meeting, students should become familiar with Greek history and/or mythology. Choose a solid, classic source to read with your child or on his/her own. Below are a few possibilities:

  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
  • Ancient Greece, Charles Kovac
  • The Golden Fleece & the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles, Padriac Colum

Expectations outside of class time:
Students should practice what they have learned in class several times per week for about 15-30 minutes. Students will be given materials to make a javelin (long dowel) and will need to complete carving of the tip at home, under parental supervision.

Students will identify and practice speaking a short ‘ode’ to the Greek god / goddess of his her choice to be recited at the final event. The ‘ode’ may be original, if desired; theme must be appropriate to the event.

Students may be given one or two other simple assignments in preparation for their participation in the Pentathlon.

The Training will culminate in a Pentathlon Event in the Spring. The event will be overseen and judged by the Greek gods (trained volunteers). Awards will be given not only for “furthest & fastest,” etc., but also for those demonstrating the most grace, beauty and poise in each event — true to the ancient observance of the Games. The athletes will dress in simple attire (readily available at home) reflective of ancient Greek times; pre-school age siblings are welcome to come dressed as cherubs, and we may have opportunities of other younger siblings to participate as well. The athletic events will take place in the morning, followed by a Greek potluck lunch. Parents, friends and family are all welcome to attend to cheer on the athletes.

Parent Participation: Parents should be prepared to help the week before the event and the day of the event. We will need assistance with laying out the field/markers; we will need some help with measurement, keeping time and other tasks. In addition, parental participation in our Greek potluck  lunch will add greatly to the festivities. We will also need some light, nutritious snacks for the athletes the morning of the event.

Register the Greek Pentathlon will open soon.

Click here for photos and description of 2008 Pentathlon. (Photos on this page from 2012 Pentathlon.) Also see Facebook for more photos.

If you have questions, call Sandi at (916) 606-0799.Pentathletes_and_gods-429x317


The event will begin at 9:30 a.m, and should be completed by 12 or 12:30, followed by Greek potluck / feast, led by the gods and the athletes.

To further enhance the Pentathlon experience, consider registering for WLR’s Greek Mythology, History & Art class on Mondays.