Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1.General
  • How do I sign up for classes?

    First review the Class Schedules page and the Class Descriptions to determine your desired classes. Please also review the Participation in WLR Classes page.

    Then go to the Registration page. The RegPack system will lead you through the process. Be sure to complete all of the forms and e-sign where indicated. (Important forms and information include Emergency Contact info, Cancellation Policy, Conditions of Participation and the Waiver/Release form.)

    Be sure that you select the appropriate Payment Method. If you are a self-paying family, you may pay online (RegPacks is a secured system) or by mailing a check.

    Once you have completed the registration process, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you.

    If you are with a Charter School, be sure to forward the confirmation to your teacher so that s/he can prepare the P.O./Voucher for the correct amount. All charters require a P.O./voucher be presented to WLR before admitting your student(s) to the program. Otherwise, the parent will be billed for any portion unpaid for by the school. See more info below regarding your specific school's process.

    South Sutter Charter School will e-mail the P.O. directly to WLR. Be sure to follow-up with your teacher to be sure s/he has sent for the P.O. before classes begin.

    Horizon Charter School uses paper vouchers. Obtain the voucher from your teacher, sign it and bring to the first day of class(es).

    Visions in Education uses paper vouchers. Obtain the voucher from your teacher, sign it and bring to the first day of class(es).

    Pacific Charter Institute (Rio Valley, Heritage Peak, Sutter Peak and Valley View) uses paper or e-mailed vouchers. Either confirm that you teacher has e-mailed the voucher to WLR or obtain a copy and e-mail to WLR or bring to the first day of class(es).

    Inspire Charter School uses uses paper or e-mailed vouchers. Either confirm that you teacher has e-mailed the voucher to WLR or obtain a copy and e-mail to WLR or bring to the first day of class(es).

  • Are you an approved vendor with my charter school?

    WLR is an approved vendor with the following charter schools. These are public schools designed to support home educators.

    • CORE Placer Charter School
    • Horizon Charter School
    • Pacific Charter Institute schools including: Sutter Peak, Rio Valley, Heritage Peak and Valley View
    • Inspire Charter School
    • South Sutter Charter School
    • Visions in Education


  • What are your rules and/or behavior expectations at WLR?

    WLR is not a school. Our program is limited in purpose and in scope, providing high quality, supplemental classes and programs for homeschooling families. As such, we do not have many rules. However, we do expect all students to be respectful to WLR teachers, adults, fellow students and the property of others, including the program site. We also expect our students to come to classes ready and willing to participate. If you have any questions about your child's readiness for our classes, please review "Participation in WLR Classes."

    WLR’s mission is to create a safe, healthy, nurturing learning environment for all participating students. To that end, below are key items of WLR's Conditions of Participation:

    1. Students will eat a nutritious meal or snack before arriving to WLR programs/classes.
    2. Students may bring water bottles and/or nutritious snacks or lunch to eat during any designated breaks. All personal items will be labeled. WLR is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. Please do not send sugary snacks, candy or sodas.
    3. Clothing: Closed-toed shoes are required for safety and outdoor play. No wheelies please. In order to minimize distractions in the learning environment, we appreciate your assistance in refraining from media-related clothing (cartoon images, etc.).
    4. No electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, hand-held electronic games, etc.) are to be visible during WLR classes or recess/breaks. If student needs to use the phone, he/she should speak with a teacher or the WLR Director.
    5. WLR reserves the right to dismiss a student from any class for repeated disruptive behavior. There are no refunds for dismissal.
    6. Parent will sign students in and out at the registration table. Students may only be picked up by parent or authorized person.
    7. Parent will not bring students or siblings to WLR if they have a fever or a productive cough/respiratory congestion.
    8. In the event of student absence, parent will contact WLR by phone or e-mail at the earliest convenience. There are no refunds for absences.
    9. Parent/guardian is responsible for advising WLR Director of any changes to the medical consent.
    10. Parent will remain on-site if required by his/her charter school.
    11. Younger siblings may wait on-site with you in the outdoor area under your supervision and at your own risk.
    12. Upon arrival for pick-up, parent is responsible for student.
    13. In consideration of teachers, students and others, parent will only use cell phone outside of the building.
    14. For any reason, should parent withdraw student(s) from a charter school which has agreed to pay for WLR classes before termination of current session, parent agrees to pay for any unpaid balance due to WLR.
  • Do you accept Special Needs students?

    WLR accepts special needs students on a case-by-case basis. We understand that home education may be the best choice for your family so that you can customize your child's education to meet his or her needs in the most effective manner, and we sincerely desire to assist you  by providing a high quality supplemental program.

    Before contacting WLR to determine if our program is a good fit for your student, please review the Participation in WLR page.


    Also keep in mind that  we must balance the needs of any child with the needs of the entire class. In a "regular" school classroom, the teacher not only has the entire day, but the entire week, month and school year to work with the individual students as well as the class as a whole. In contrast, most of our classes our 50 minutes long and meet once a week for 10-12 weeks. We do not have nearly the amount of time that a regular classroom teacher has to work with the students. Therefore, we have a general expectation that all WLR students are ready to participate in the program with minimal intervention on the part of the teacher to mitigate behavioral or other distractions.

  • Do you offer private tutoring?

    Yes. Several of our teachers are available for private tutoring. This can be paid with charter school funds. We have different rates for different teachers and subject matter.

    Please contact Sandi to inquire about private tutoring. Once your needs and interests are identified, a private tutoring schedule can be determined.

  • Does WLR offer private classes for private homeschooling groups?

    Yes, private classes can be arranged. These are typically small, limited classes for a specific day (or limited set of dates) for a private group. A minimum number of students may be required, depending on the desired class/program. Contact Sandi for more information.

  • What if I have to cancel or withdraw my student from class?

    As a micro business, changes and cancellations affect us significantly. WLR does not charge extra fees for registration/enrollment, but does retain a portion of fees if a parent chooses to cancel or withdraw early; this helps to cover administration costs.

    If you have any questions about the Cancellation/Refund/Withdrawal Policy, please contact Sandi. Refunds or credits are not issued for classes not attended.

    Cancellations: If you wish to cancel a class or registration before the session begins, you must notify the WLR Program Director in writing at Refunds or credits will be given as follows: 90% refund or credit for cancellation 10 days or more before first class meeting; 85% refund or credit for cancellation 2-9 days before first class meeting; 80% refund or credit for cancellation 48 hours or less before first class meeting.

    Withdrawals: Withdrawals after the first class meeting will be allowed a 75% refund or credit. Withdrawals after the second class meeting will be allowed a 60% refund or credit. No refunds or credits will be given after third class meeting. Credits are good for up to one year. Charter school withdrawal or expulsion: should you withdraw your student from your charter school for any reason (including expulsion), the parent will be responsible for paying any and all class fees for the session that the charter stops payment on due to withdrawal or expulsion. All requests to change, cancel or withdraw from any registered class must be received in writing (send to

    WLR reserves the right to dismiss a student from any class for repeated disruptive behavior. There are no refunds for dismissal. If you have concerns about your child's ability to participate in WLR classes and programs, please review the WLR Participation page.

    Wholistic Learning Resources reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine courses, or change instructors to best provide service. In the event WLR cancels any course, earliest possible notification will be given and the participant may choose either a full refund or a credit for future class registration.

  • Your classes look great! How can I get WLR programs in my geographic area?

    If you are interested in working with WLR to set up a satellite program in your area, contact Sandi to learn more.

  • Do you offer sibling discounts?

    We do not offer sibling discounts. However, WLR does offer a number of other discounts including:

    1. Early Registration Discount - typically ends about 2 weeks before classes start each session.
    2. Multiple Class Discount - when you register your student for 3 or more classes, you will receive an extra discount per class.
    3. Self-Payment Discount - applies to those families who are paying for the entire balance out-of-pocket.
  • Can I visit your program before signing up?

    Yes, you may. The best time to visit is after classes have been in session for at least 2-3 weeks. Most of our programs are in session for 10-12 weeks per semester. Please call or e-mail us to arrange a visit.

  • When do classes start?

    WLR typicall runs classes for 10-12 per semester. This gives homeschooling families a chance to get their own home rhythms going for a few weeks before starting classes.

    In the fall, we traditionally begin classes the week following Labor Day. Fall session usually runs through mid-November or into early December. We like to let our families take a nice long holiday break so that they can immerse in family traditions, crafts and just general down time at home.

    Once the New Year begins, we again like to let our families re-establish their winter rhythms before beginning classes. We typically start the Winter-Spring session the week follow Martin Luther King Day.


  • What holidays does WLR observe?

    You can find any currently observed holidays listed on the schedule page for each site/location.

    We aim to get 10-12 weeks in during the shorter fall season so during our first session of the academic year, the only holidays typically observed by WLR are Thanksgiving week. At this time, WLR Davis typically runs for 10 weeks and ends before the Thanksgiving break.

    During the Winter-Spring Session, WLR typically begins classes the week following Martin Luther King Day in January.  We typically have another holiday, at least on Monday classes, for President's Day.

    Spring Break holidays vary from year to year, but tend to follow the charter school calendars. However, they are varied, so the WLR schedule may also vary.

    Again, all holidays for the current session are always posted on the schedule page for that session/site.