History / Art / Culture

Greek Mythology, History & Art • Grades 4-8
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All the World’s a Stage: Scriptwriting and Drama
The gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, kings and warriors of the Roman Empire, artists and scientists of the Renaissance, and the movers and shakers of the Industrial Revolution will serve to inspire the students to be playwrights and actors in this class. History comes to life on the stage as the students learn how to format and write a stage script, and in various ensembles, perform their plays as a finale to the 12-week course.  The class play offers a fantastic conduit for the students to learn valuable artistic, dramatic, musical and language arts skills. “With an opportunity to write their own dialogue and scripts, and then to act in them – well, what a great way to learn history, to be creative, and to have fun!” – Dr. Tan

Native American Storytelling & Crafts
This is a creative, experiential class, exploring Native American culture. Students will learn about Native American practices such as grinding corn and using a pump drill. Students will make “medicine” bags while learning about medicinal plants. Instructor will further customize the curriculum according to the developmental needs and interests of the students enrolled.

Renaissance Arts, Grades 4 – 8
This special class for older students will explore a variety of Renaissance period arts and crafts through lecture, discussion and hands-on projects. Students will experience of variety of crafts including paper-making, printing and pewter casting.