Class descriptions – DAVIS

Davis WLR Program Overview

WLR in Davis offers an exciting and enriching program in a beautiful, family-friendly atmosphere at an idyllic campus. While each of the classes engage the child in different ways and can stand alone for students who enroll in 1-3 classes, Rick and Jennifer will offer opportunities for cross-discipline projects. For example: students may build a percussion instrument in woodworking that can be decorated and completed in handwork and art classes, then shared during drum circle in music class. Scientific concepts will be integrated into classes as appropriate for content and the ages of enrolled students. To round off the experience, movement will be incorporated into classes. Breaks and lunch times are opportunities for children to build positive social relationships. Healthy snacks and lunches are encouraged.

Be sure to check the Davis Schedule page for up to date information on which classes are being offered each semester.

ArtWatercolor Turtles Wilson 11.13
Every wet-on-wet watercolor painting is a window into a single moment of an artist’s experience! In this ten-week program, the instructor will focus primarily on this painting medium as a way of teaching the children to develop an artistic eye. With a few simple techniques, the students will achieve a level of creative proficiency in expressing their natural surroundings and curricular content. Other media, such as wet-on-dry watercoloring and perspective line drawing, may be introduced.

The students will explore the  fundamental components of theater and drama such as acting, dialogue, script, props, and set design. The goal of the class is to practice and perform a stage play that may be an excerpt from a classical play or an original piece designed around the number, personalities, and skills of the students.

Explore a variety of fiber arts through stories and Triangle Loom Weavingsongs. Children will learn the arts of plant-dyeing, wool felting, weaving, spinning, knitting and crochet. Supplies will be provided for use during class time. Handwork tools will be available for purchase for families who would like to continue to explore fiber arts at home. All materials are handmade with natural and organic materials, and wool is sourced from local sheep. Children who have taken this class before will learn at a higher level.

Games & Movement
Mixed-ages students from grades 1-8 will participate in a variety of movement and games activities to develop cooperation, camaraderie, and coordination. The class will engage their imaginations as well as their bodies through healthy, fun interaction. There will be more emphasis on non-competitive and team-building activities.


Herbal Alchemy
Instructor Jennifer Tan will engage students in this hands-on class of discovery, learning all about the natural world of herbs. Students will gather herbal seeds, plant and harvest herbs, and blend herbs for teas and scent sachets, creating a variety projects that are sure to delight the senses. With soothing lavender, invigorating rosemary and others, students will have a scent-sational time, as they deepen their understanding and appreciation for nature’s gifts.


Singing and movement, drums and more! Children will learn vocal warm-ups, seasonal songs, and rounds. Some songs will include simple movements, percussion instruments, and accompaniment with flute, piano or harp. Basic music theory and musical notation will be introduced in Grades 5-8.

Musical Theatre
Davis WLR is excited to announce Musical Theatre! Students who enroll for this class will benefit from the combined talents of Mrs. Jennifer Tan, teaching the music and songs, and Dr. Rick Tan, directing the students in a musical production! Depending on age, experience, and desire, students will be assigned individual roles and/or choral parts. The medium of theatre, enhanced with music, is a fantastic way for children to learn dramatic and choral skills. On the final day of the session, the children will perform a small production for families and friends. Written by Dr. Tan, the story is always a creative re-telling of a historical figure and events. Parents may be recruited for assistance with their children’s costumes.

Nature Notebooks
Nature journaling fosters an appreciation for the beauty around us and develops in the children Botany and Geometry 3.15valuable twenty-first century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and cooperation. The instructor will guide students through an exploration-based inquiry of their natural outdoor surroundings, and instruct them in the use of artistic media and techniques to creatively express their observations. The integration of art with science, and learning through experience in an age-appropriate way promotes a love of learning in the children that promotes a healthy and balanced educational journey.

Woodworking is a way to experience the process of shaping the world. The exertion of the12047379_10203887324738482_854936960_n
child’s feeling, thinking, and willing self, through the wood, has a lasting impression on the life of the growing child. The goal of the class is for the students to get an overall experience of the craft of woodworking by engaging them in different ways that wood is used as a material that can be transformed. They will rasp, sand, file, assemble, glue, stain and finish wood projects. The types of projects completed may include the following: weaving loom, flower press, coasters, wood blocks, pencil holder, percussive instrument and others.