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My First Instrument

This fall, in addition to singing, Ms. Christian Quick-Cleveland is teaching “My First Instrument.” What is is this instrument?

It is the diatonic or “C” flute, made by Choroi.  Unlike a similar instrument, the recorder, these flutes possess a mild, easy to articulate tone, that needs a minimum of pressure and allows  fluent play.

These flutes are characterized by a warm, light, flexible tone. Compared with traditional instruments, the Choroi flutes possess a tone that sounds more like a voice than an instrument — hence the term, “my first instrument,” as we typically think of the voice as a first instrument.

Choroi C-fluteThe flutes are played with free outbreathing rather than active blowing; the breath forms the foundation for the tone. The mouth and lip positions also contribute to the tone formation. The fingers gently touch the specially formed finger holes, which allow half-steps to be achieved naturally by half-covering the holes.

Ms. Christiana is generously sharing her flutes with the students, so you do not need to purchase your own.

“My First Instrument” for Grades 4-8 is offered this fall on Mondays at the Grange at 10:00 a.m. starting September 12th. If you have any questions about this class or any of our other programs, contact us.

How to register for our classes

2016 Reg Open

Thank you for your interest in WLR classes! Please follow the instructions below to complete your registration.

Go to the WLR Registration page.

  1. If this is your first time using the RegPacks system, create a user profile with name and password.
  2. If you have used the online reg form in the past, log in to your account and be sure to review each page. At the bottom of the Student page, be sure to click “yes” to the question, “Is your information up to date?”– this triggers the system to load the new class products for your selection.
  3. Be sure to let us know about any allergies or special needs your student may have in the appropriate fields.

REg form - demo



3. Complete the forms and the e-signature forms (Waiver/release, Conditions of Participation and Cancellation Policy).

4. Choose your desired classes. The program triggers class selection based on the Grade you indicated on the first page of the form.

5. Any applicable discounts (early reg, multiple-class and self-paying)  will automatically be added to your cart.

6. Be sure to choose the appropriate Payment Method; the self-payment option triggers those discounts. Self-paying customers may pay either online with credit card or by mailing a check to WLR, P.O. Box 19676, Sacramento, CA 95819. A receipt will be e-mailed to you automatically.

7. When you have completed registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you are with a charter school, e-mail this confirmation to your teacher to prepare the P.O. / Voucher. peIf your teacher cannot find WLR on the approved vendor list under “Wholistic Learning Resources,” he or she should check under “R” (for Russi) or “S” (Sandra Russi — SSCS has it this way).

8. A few days before the session begins, WLR will e-mail important information about our first day of classes.


Hands-on Learning at Conference!

Join WLR and friends for hands-on learning — for the adults! This is a day for youFor you to be inspired, for you to learn and take a little time for yourself. When homeschooling parents take time for themselves – to learn, to create – they are able to return to their families refreshed, renewed and re-energized. Most of our workshops and even our Keynote are designed as interactive classes.

The two classes highlighted below involve handwork. Please note the supply fee which is payable to the instructor at the start of the workshop.

Making Lucets / Main Lesson Basics – Rick Tan (Upstairs – Session A)

Join Rick Tan in this hands-on workshop in which participants will sand and decorate wooden lucets (pictured below and used in Jennifer Tan’s class on Lucetting). Lucets are ancient handheld tools that were used by Vikings to braid cords. While your hands are busy, Dr. Tan will also present Waldorf homeschooling logistics such as how to use main lesson books in recording student work. $5 supply fee for Lucet. Payable in cash or check to Syrendell.


Lucet & Kumihimo  – Jennifer Tan (Upstairs – Session B)

Explore Japanese and Viking styles of cord weaving in this easy-to-learn handwork workshop! Jennifer Tan will lead parents in learning the basics of both fiber arts, and provide supplies needed to make beautiful cords. Parents will go home with a kumihimo disc (pictured below) and plant-dyed wool yarns used during the workshop. Kumihimo and Lucet are appropriate to teach children ages 5 and up. $5 supply fee for Kumihimo & plant-dyed wool yarn; $12 supply fee for Lucet (no need if you make your own Lucet in R. Tan’s Session A workshop). Payable in cash or check to Syrendell.


Healthy Movement & Games Workshop

Join Brian Wolfe as he provides an interactive overview of healthy movement and games throughout the grades! Whether you have one child or many, there will be plenty of ideas for you to incorporate into your daily rhythm. We’ll also discuss a healthy approach to sports and competition, and discuss the phenomenon of “burnout” often seen in the middle years. This is a hands on workshop. Participants will talk, move, play some games, and possibly even learn to juggle!

Brian Wolfe

Healthy Movement & Games will be held as a Session C Workshop from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 6th at the Wholistic Learning at Home Mini-Conference. Go to the Registration page to sign-up for the Conference.

Brian Wolfe has spent his entire adult life playing music, teaching, drawing and coaching Waldorf students. This year he taught Art at Rudolf Steiner College to teacher trainees, Games and Movement (going on 12 years now!) at a local Waldorf school, and coached the girls Varsity basketball team at the Sacramento Waldorf School to their Sac-Joaquin section championship! Brian also loves traveling to teach, and has recently led teacher & parent workshops in Utah, California and China. In addition, he supports homeschoolers with his wife, Robyn Wolfe, through Waldorfish.



“Can we talk?” !!

Join WLR Instructor Talib Huff for an interactive workshop in Dynamic Dialogue. With over 25 years’ experience in education, working with both adults and children, Talib will share insights on how to move a difficult conversation from where we are trying to overcome each other … to understanding each other.

Talib-131x138Talib Huff is a certified presenter and mentor in Dynamic Dialogue and has completed the two-year practicum in Contemplative Dialogue. He is one of WLR’s most popular instructors and brings warmth, humor and his generous spirit to all of his endeavors.

“Can We Talk?” will be offered during as a Session A workshop on August 6th at the Wholistic Learning at Home Conference.

Enter coupon code “727” for a discount on your registration fee.

Conference Schedule

Take a look at the schedule! We have excellent presenters lined up! Join WLR and friends for inspiration and to gain valuable tools and insights to support you on the homeschooling journey. Excellent classes for those just getting started as well as for the more experience home educators, looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

View the workshop descriptions here.

(There may be one possible change to the schedule below.)


Early registration – still available!

Early registration discount for the Wholistic Learning at Home Conference has been extended to July 25th!

$45 for 1st attendee / $15 for 2nd attendee

Group rates: 5 people for $75 or 10 people for $100 – great for co-ops, homeschool groups and friends!

Click here to register.

Join us for an interactive Keynote presentation with Rick Tan, a variety of workshops as well as local vendors, a raffle and more.

All are welcome!

August 6, 2016

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

American River Grange, 2720 Kilgore Road, Rancho Cordova, California

wlr presents

We have raffle prizes!

Raffle Prizes









I am so grateful for the amazing group of homeschool friends and leaders that is coming together to make the Wholistic Learning at Home conference a success! And, our generous vendors are donating some wonderful raffle prizes! Take a look!

Raffle Prizes!

Basket of handwork supplies courtesy of Colors of Nature

$25 Gift Certificate to Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Books from Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

$25 Gift Certificate for Wholistic Learning Resources 2016-17 school year

1-hour Ceramics Party for 6 children from Express Yourself Ceramics

More to come!


Partial Vendor List

Colors of Nature

Delta Empire Charter School

Discovery of Learning

Express Yourself Ceramics

Inspire Charter School

Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Thank you to our Conference Sponsor!

Thank you to our Conference Sponsor!



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