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New! Biographies: People Who Changed the World

Combining History, Language Arts, and Science, students will travel through time to meet people who changed the world. After each historical figure (such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Marie Curie) is introduced through story, students will step into their shoes by experiencing hands-on activities that relate to their lives. By creating lesson book pages will reinforce their learning and expand their skills through summarizing, writing and drawing. Students will complete a page for each historical figure into their lesson books  If desired, parent home educators can extend the lessons at home, using the completed lesson book pages as inspiration for extending their student’s learning. The 10-week course will cover approximately five historical figures; possible historical figures may include:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci (mirror writing, experiments with water)
  • Avicenna, a doctor & author born in 980 (Indian number system, Arabic writing, memorizing)
  • Aristotle
  • Plato
  • Sacajewea (invaluable to helping Lewis & Clark travel to the Pacific coast)
  • Marie Curie (first woman to win Nobel Prize, radium, x-ray machine with daughter)
  • Maria Mitchell (self educated Astronomer, first to photograph the sun, studied Jupiter & Saturn)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt (United Nations committee that wrote the Declaration of Human Rights)
  • Florence Nighingale (nursing)
  • Einstein (experiments)

Biographies is offered at the WLR Rancho Cordova site on Mondays for Grades 5-8, and is led by the enthusiastic Ms. Audra Sterrett. Ms Sterrett also teaches Heroes & Fables for Grades 1-4 on Mondays.

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New! Writing: Imagination & the Basics

In this writers’ workshop for Grades 4-8, students will experience playing with dialogue, using descriptive language, and learning word games and activities. With their new skills, students will combine sentences to create more complex and interesting writing. Designed for both enthusiastic writers and those who would rather do anything than write, this class will deepen students’ relationship to language, showing how sensory images make writing come to life. Students will have opportunities to share their work and ask questions about each other’s writing in a supportive environment, while enhancing the process of revision. Along the way, students will learn the answers to these questions:

  • What is a sentence?
  • Where do I punctuate?
  • How do I write a paragraph? (topic sentence, closing sentence, starting a new paragraph)

Homework will be assigned. Supplies students will need to bring to each class meeting: binder, pens, pencils and a folder. Optional: pencil sharpener, journal/notebook.

Instructor, Ms. Audra Sterrett, holds a BA in Literature and has been credentialed to teach in California public schools. In addition, Ms. Audra has been homeschooling her own children for nine years and teaching and assisting at WLR for two years. Ms. Audra brings joy and enthusiasm to her students, with a bright, positive outlook that is inspiring to all.

Register Soon

Early Registration Discount ends tomorrow, January 9th at midnight. So register soon for the best rates.

We also offer:

  • Multiple class discounts when enrolling in 3+ classes
  • Self-paying discounts
  • Supervised lunch recess for students enrolled before and after the break

Why choose WLR?

  • Several convenient locations
  • Experienced, dedicated teachers
  • Small classes
  • All locations have plenty of space for outdoor play during breaks

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Registration is STILL open!

Although the early registration discount period has ended, WLR is still accepting registrations in most of our classes. A few descriptions are below.

For full list of class descriptions, click here.

For 2016 Fall Semester class schedules, click here.

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Scroll down for list of classes that are full and those with limited openings.


persp-fenceDrawing with Perspective with Mr. Huff. Drawing in perspective represents a big change: previously the children have only drawn in two dimensions. In this class, they will learn to draw the world as they see it — in three dimensions! 

Singing Grades 4-8 with Ms. Christiana – in this class for older children, students will learn music literacy and skills in a joyful, enthusiastic atmosphere.

Choroi C-fluteMy First Instrument Grades 4-8 with Ms. Christiana – students will learn to play the C-flute or Diatonic flute (provided by instructor), a beautiful, wooden instrument similar to the recorder, but with softer tones.

knife2Kitchen Basics Grades 4-8 with Mr. Godby. Students will learn to work safely in the kitchen, preparing healthy, delicious simple foods such as salsa, guacamole and pesto. Bonus: they will bring the recipes home to prepare for you!

SACRAMENTO – Thursdays

Games Grades 1-8 with Mr. Huff – historically one of our most popular classes and a surprise that it is not yet sold out!


Astronomy Grades 5-8 with Mr. Huff – one of our most popular teacher who brings life, magic and a sense of wonder to all subjects whether academic, artistic or physical. Students will learn about the solar system, our sun and the relationship between the earth’s rotation and the seasons.

moon and tides







The following classes have limited openings:


Art Grades 4-8

Games & Movement


Math is Fun! Grades 1-4

Storytelling & Drama Grades 1-3


Nature Notebooks Grades 1-4

The following classes are full / wait-listed:


Art Grades 1-3

Woodworking Grades 1-3

Handwork Grades 1-3



Sharing WLR

Although our classes are intentionally small to ensure the highest quality, we do need minimum enrollments (typically about 5 students) in each class.

Please feel free to share the WLR 2016 Fall flyer with your homeschooling friends—or those who are considering home education! You may print and post the flyer or forward it online.

For your friends who enjoy social media, photos of our classes in action can be found on the WLR Facebook page.

Thank you for spreading the word about our unique classes and programs! Your assistance is appreciated not only by WLR staff and teachers, but also by our currently registered families.

WLR 2016 Fall flyer


DSC00308-Lily DSC00307-Lily

We have raffle prizes!

Raffle Prizes









I am so grateful for the amazing group of homeschool friends and leaders that is coming together to make the Wholistic Learning at Home conference a success! And, our generous vendors are donating some wonderful raffle prizes! Take a look!

Raffle Prizes!

Basket of handwork supplies courtesy of Colors of Nature

$25 Gift Certificate to Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Books from Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

$25 Gift Certificate for Wholistic Learning Resources 2016-17 school year

1-hour Ceramics Party for 6 children from Express Yourself Ceramics

More to come!


Partial Vendor List

Colors of Nature

Delta Empire Charter School

Discovery of Learning

Express Yourself Ceramics

Inspire Charter School

Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore

Thank you to our Conference Sponsor!

Thank you to our Conference Sponsor!



Wholistic Learning Resources

Join Rick Tan for this outside-of-the-box keynote presentation at WLR’s upcoming Wholistic Learning at Home Parent Mini-Conference.


Rick will lead participants through a hands-on activity to develop a practical understanding of five key areas that impact homeschool life. Using the senses and imagination, gain insight and inspiration into your path as a home educator, while learning to balance personal health, homeschooling goals and family life. What an excellent way to kick off our mini-conference Rick and Jenn no glasses - Copytheme of “avenues and inspiration!”

To learn more about the Wholistic Learning at Home Parent Mini-Conference, click here. Read the workshop descriptions here. Register for the conference here.


New Central Sacramento Location!

WLR is pleased to announce our newest class site, conveniently located in the central Sacramento area!

Classes will begin Thursday, September 15, 2016, at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento (UUSS), located at 2425 Sierra Blvd.

Classes at UUSS will include a new Kindergarten program with Ms. Ciana Keller; Astronomy & Measuring Time with Mr. Huff; Math Puzzles & Games and Problem Solving & Logic Games with Ms. Audra. In addition, we will offer Nature Notebooks, Beginning Knitting and a Ceramics program at

UUSS grounds and labyrinth

UUSS grounds and labyrinth

the new site.

Stay tuned for more information. Registration will open soon!

Climbing structure and play yard

Climbing structure and play yard

Playground at UUSS

Playground at UUSS


Classrooms 7 & 8

WLR 2016 Winter-Spring Program in Placerville!

WLR is offering new classes at Horizon Charter School’s Placerville Learning Center, beginning Thursday, January 28th. Two 6-week sessions are planned.

PLEASE NOTE: students must be enrolled in HCS to attend Placerville classes.

REGISTRATION: To register your child in any of the classes below, contact your Horizon Charter School teacher.

LOCATION: HSC Placerville Learning Center, 6831 Mother Lode Drive, Placerville 95667

Classes held Thursdays; Fee is $95 per class for each 6-week session.

Session 1: Jan 28, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25, Mar. 3
Session 2:
Mar. 10, 17, 31, Apr. 7, 14, 21, 28 (Please note that all six sessions will be provided during session 2 but there will be an adjustment to accommodate SBAC testing which is TBD.)


Storytelling, Art, and Writing (Grades 1crow-fable drawing-3), 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Children will delve into the world of stories. Oral fairytales and fables from around the world are the jumping off point for artistic and written adventures. Students will build vocabulary, improve writing skills, build confidence, and develop creative thinking. Your child will fall in love with learning! Ideal for grades 1-3. Two 6-week sessions are planned with new stories each session. Materials: Students should bring their own block crayons (Stockmar or similar) and colored pencils (Lyra brand preferred) to class. Drawing paper will be provided.

Mythology and the Art of Ancient Civilizations (Grades 4-6), 10:35 – 11:35 a.m. Marduk-Tiamat-chalk
History was never this fun!  Students will track the growth of human civilization through the art and mythology of cultures around the world. Starting with Ancient Mesopotamia and the birth of writing, storytelling, mythology and art will be interwoven to create a rich tapestry of understanding of our ancient world. Two 6-week sessions are planned; each week will focus on a new culture including Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome.

The final week will be presentations of a creative diorama project created by the students. Ideal for grades 4-6. Materials: Students should bring their own Lyra colored pencils to class. Drawing paper will be provided. Students will need to collect materials for their final project including boxes.

About the Instructor
Brendan Bannister received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz and completed the Grades Waldorf Teaching program at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. He has taught at several Waldorf schools as well as working with homeschooled students at the Yuba River Charter program. Mr. Bannister enjoys the outdoors and sharing nature with children.