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Folk Dancing for Fun, Exercise & Culture!

In WLR’s Folk Dancing class, students enjoy social interaction while developing physical abilities and coordination in fun and developmentally appropriate ways. It also provides an excellent outlet for active children and kinesthetic learners by providing appropriate physical activities for naturally active students. And folk dancing is a great way to add variety to your children’s physical education program.

In addition, folk dancing teaches basic concepts of rhythm, repetition, sequencing, patterning, predictability, anticipation, musical cues, auditory discrimination, and counting.  And by exposing children to dances from around the world and to dances representing different historical and social times, children learn how all cultures, nations, and people are connected and interrelated.


Community Folk Dancing at Wholistic Learning Resources

If you are looking for an activity to help your children develop a positive attitude toward a fun, loving way to provide life-long physical activity and exercise, register them for Ms. Burgess’ Folk Dancing Class on Mondays, beginning September 14th. See the Monday class Schedule & Fees here.

Parents are welcome to join in the fun as well!

“My goal in teaching a new dance is to make the experience of learning the dance as easy and fun as possible for the students. My hope is that the dance descriptions, the recorded music and the musical scores provide helpful tools that inspire and enable you to bring folk dance into your classrooms, into your homes, into your community life.”          — Donna Burgess, Instructor

Ms. Donna Burgess brings joy & enthusiasm to Folk Dancing!

Ms. Donna Burgess brings joy & enthusiasm to Folk Dancing!