Math: Logic Games & Skill Building – Grades 4-8

Could your student benefit from a fun class to help develop their math skills? Join us on Mondays to practice math skills—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division—in partners and groups using card games and activities.

Topics covered include order of operations, equations, fractions, decimals, and problem solving. Beginning algebra will be introduced and reviewed.

In addition, students will solve logic puzzles using deductive reasoning.  Each “Perplexer” starts with a story that challenges the reader to figure out who, what, where and when, using a list of clues.  Each clue is a puzzle in itself, offering as much information about what’s not true as what is. Students see information organizing itself into a sensible pattern.  When presented with a number of options, logic is often used to make a choice. Logic uses reasoning and proof to help students analyze information and make a conclusion. This class makes learning logic skills fun!

“Playing the games encourages students to build their mental math skills and develop automaticity with computation,” according to Karol L. Yeatts, author of a skill building card game book. The games and activities will help students practice solving problems in their heads and offer a fun way to encourage repetition which leads to faster answers. Once students learn how to play, many of the games can be played at home with family members.  Some games and logic puzzles will be given for homework.

Math Logic & Skills is offered on Mondays at the American River Grange in Rancho Cordova. Ms. Audra Sterrett is the instructor.

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