WLR ~ Approved Vendor

Wholistic Learning Resources is an approved vendor with a number of local charters that support home educators, including:

  • CORE Placer
  • Horizon Charter School*
  • Inspire
  • PCI Schools (Rio Valley, Heritage Peak, Sutter Peak, etc.)
  • South Sutter Charter School
  • Visions in Education*
Please note that for the 2017-18, a few schools, including those marked with * above, modified their systems/procedures with updating the vendor contracts. This caused a temporary delay in showing WLR on their “approved vendor” lists.
In the meantime, go ahead and register on the WLR website so that you can take advantage of our Early Registration Discount through 8/25/17.
WLR will officially show on your school’s list in time to obtain the P.O. or voucher required by the first day of WLR classes.
Thank you for your patience! Looking forward to another great year with all of our students and grateful to work with the various local charters that support this educational path.