Eclipse Special!

1 Day only! Get an extra $5 off any / all classes when you register today – 8/21/17. Combined with the WLR Early Reg Discount that is $15 off each class + any other applicable discounts!


  1. Applicable to NEW registrations only.
  2. If already registered*, may ADD class(es) today to which the special may be applied.
  3. Enter the word ECLIPSE in the coupon code box. Your account will automatically adjust to a $5.00 credit toward student’s first class. WLR will then modify any other classes you choose for an $5 off each additional class. Look for the “updated” e-mailed confirmation for the total applied credits.

Make it a great day and stay safe out there!




*From time to time, WLR offers 1-day specials to boost classes that may be under-enrolled. This helps to ensure that our classes can go forth as scheduled without cancelling.