New class! Handwork: Farm to Fiber

Where do our clothes come from? What are fibers? Where do wool, silk and cotton come from?

In this unique class, students will learn the answers to these questions while developing an appreciation and understanding of natural fibers and their sources, including biodynamic sheep fleece, silk worm cocoons and organic cotton bolls. Students will learn about sheep and the process of breaking down fleece. Although the class emphasizes fiber sources and processes rather than projects, students will experience several hands-on projects such as making a small piece of felt and making yarn from wool, cotton and silk. Mythical tales may be woven into the program to elaborate upon and extend the fiber lessons.

Cotton bolls in fall

Instructor Ms. Katrina Schultz brings her love and experience of working with farm animals and biodymamic gardening to the classroom environment. Ms. Katrina focuses on hands-on learning, enlivening the subject matter while engaging the imagination of her students.

Handwork: Farm to Fiber is offered on Thursdays at WLR’s Sacramento location.

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