New class! Hands-on Geology

Joyful, enthusiastic teachers are your student’s mentors at Wholistic Learning Resources. While preparing for this class, I received the following message from Ms. Katrina:

“Okay! I am so excited about this class! I spent sooo much time collecting rocks, many hours with my son at crystal shops, and then camping too. This class is going to be great!”

Ms. Katrina’s enthusiasm for this topic is palpable –  and is exactly what makes our program shine: teachers who are passionate about their topics and dedicated to inspiring joyful learning in our students!

In this fun and exciting class, your student will learn about the Rock Cycle and rock types: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Using Mohs Hardness kits, students will test various rocks. In addition, they will learn about crystals and geodes, and the earth’s shifting crust. Ms. Katrina will lead the class in creating a model volcano and setting if off. Class integrates the arts and science through many hands-on activities, drawing and sculpting.

Hands-on Geology is offered on Thursdays for Grades 4-8 at our Sacramento location in the Arden Area.

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