Late Registrations / Walk-ins

Yes, you can still register. Classes start the week of September 12th:

  • Mondays in Rancho Cordova
  • Tuesdays in Davis
  • Thursdays in Sacramento

How to register late? View the Class Schedule pages and the Class Descriptions pages. If you have a young child or any concerns, please read information on participating in our classes here. Then go to the WLR online registration page and complete all of the forms.

The WLR Registration system will automatically e-mail you a confirmation showing all of the chosen classes and any applicable discounts. If you are with a charter school, forward the confirmation to your teacher immediately so that she can prepare the P.O./Voucher. Be sure the teacher knows the start date of classes as the P.O. / Voucher is required by the start date.

Walk-in registrations will be accepted (with the exception of just a few classes that are full). You can call your teacher to expedite the P.O./voucher for your desired class(es).

Questions? Call Sandi at 916-606-0799.