New classes!

WLR is please to offer two new classes for the coming 2016 Fall Session. Ms. Christiana Quick-Cleveland will lead “My First Instrument” for students in Grades 4-8 where students will Choroi C-fluteexplore their musicality through their first external instrument: the Choroi C-Flute. This instrument is used traditionally in Waldorf schools and is similar to a recorder, however, unlike the recorder, the breathing is more like singing. Playing any wind instrument strengthens the respiratory system for speech and singing, and increases finger dexterity. This class will be focused on free musical expression (improvisation), as opposed to reading music notation. C-flutes will be provided, therefore the class size is limited to 10 students. There is no homework provided, however arrangements can be made with the instructor to take C-flutes home in between classes.

In addition, Ms. Christiana will lead Grades 1-3 in Playtime Storytelling & Drama. In each class, with Ms. Christiana’s guidance, students will create their own story: the characters, the obstacle, the crisis, the solution, the ending. It will be a process where students play/act their story-quote-way through the plot. Students will discover the narration, dialogue, movement, and possibly music, living into the group imagination in a playful and creative activity. No homework is required, as each story process will be contained within the class period.

To learn more about these classes and our other unique programs for homeschoolers, visit the Class Descriptions page and be sure to check the Class Schedule pages for days and times. Please note: the schedule is currently tentative; we will continue to update the schedule regularly and will remove the label “tentative” as soon as possible! We expect to open Online Registration by July 1st.