Embracing change!

A few days ago, I saw this meme posted on Facebook:

“Change is hard at first; messy in the middle; and gorgeous at the end.”

What an adventure homeschooling is! And for those new to this journey, it is a huge change. Similarly, running a small business is also an adventure! When our family began the homeschool journey – about 15 years ago – never did I dream it would lead to founding  Wholistic Learning Resources.

And like home education, running your own business definitely has its ups and downs. Have you ever had a homeschooling day when you wanted to call the school — any school — to find out about enrollment?! You know: those days when you feel like throwing in the towel!

embrace changeWell hang in there! Those ups and downs are part of the process. We have all been there and I would guess that most would attest to the fact that when you ride out the waves, things begin to calm down and you do get your homeschooling sea legs! I’ve been through those rough times homeschooling and also while running WLR. More than a few times, I’ve wondered: should I go get a “regular” job? Like a 9-5 job and everything that comes with it?!!

With my youngest son now grown (and on his own adventure in Europe!), I am refocusing my energy on WLR as we continue to grow, while aiming for a manageable rate of growth. This, of course, means change.

And like the quotation above mentions, change can be messy! But I have confidence it is going to come out smoothly in the end.

Upcoming changes – improvements!

I am currently working with a servicer to upgrade the WLR registration process. The current process is cumbersome and repetitive for returning families. Also, there is just way too much paperwork — all the forms, etc.

With the new system, you will only have to fill in the basic data one time (child’s name, DOB, special needs, etc.) Then each semester, you can just login and choose the desired classes for each of your students. And no more math! The program will automatically tally your fees, add in Pay onlineany applicable discounts and then yes! —we are in the 21st century, sooooooo: you will actually be able to pay online (for self-paying families). Woo-hoo!

For those using a charter, you will just check off your charter’s name and I will handle the billing on this end as usual (after receipt of P.O. or voucher #).

Stay posted for more information coming soon! In the meantime, hang in there: ride out those waves. The rewards of home education are often the most beautiful gifts you never dreamed of when you began the journey!


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