Homeschooling in the United States

Nice graphic on home education I found on Facebook today. Interesting facts and background.

I highly recommend Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore who are mentioned in the 1980s time period; however, they began their research back in the 1950s, as I recall. (They published many other books as well as the one mentioned, including Better Late than Early.) One of the reasons the Moores determined that very young children (under the age of 9 or so) do so much better at home is that they identified the single most important factor that impacts successful learning outcomes: the number of warm, loving responses a child receives in a single day given by a caring adult. Even in a small classroom, it is impossible for a teacher to give this type of responsiveness to each child, every day.

Better Late Than Early by Raymond & Dorothy Moore

In regard to the last item on this list (socialization), for the most part this is a myth! By and large, homeschooled children are not only well-socialized, they are polite, courteous, and learn how to interact well with children and adults of all ages.

Home Schooling