New classes!

WLR is pleased to announce new classes planned for the Fall 2015. In addition, based on parent feedback, WLR is lengthening the session to 12 weeks (previously 10 weeks).

Learn more about our unique classes on the Class Descriptions page.


Circuits: Lights, Switches, Buzzers, Motors and More!
Come join Mr. Huff as he leads you in putting together projects using electricity and magnetism. From moving motors to sounding speakers you will create various circuits and learn the how and why of their operation.

Jr. Woodworking & Blacksmithing, Grades 1-4
After years of watching the older students, our younger students will now get to learn basic woodworking and blacksmithing skills (without fire). This fun, hands-on class will enable students to gain confidence in working with their hands while learning about the elements that go into wood and metal crafting. More details coming soon!

Folk Dancing
Students experience the fun of moving to music through learning, singing and movement games as well as simple folk dances from different cultures.


downdog yogaStudents will build strength, flexibility, coordination, and focus through poses, breathing and visualization techniques, games and stories. Through yoga, children can learn self-confidence, awareness and control that can be useful in everyday life situations. Basic mindfulness practices will be taught which encourage self-respect and respect for others.

(The above two classes will be combined for the Fall session; see the recently updated schedule.)