Greek Pentathlon — Registration Open!

The dates have been finalized and all pertinent information is now available for the 2015 WLR Greek Pentathlon. Click here for more information and to register. An “extra early” discount is available for those who register by December 10.

After 12 weeks of training in five events (discus, running, javelin, Greek wrestling and running long jump), the students will celebrate with a community event: the Greek Pentathlon. The “gods” will oversee the event and act as judges. Awards will be given not only for the ‘furthest /fastest, etc.,’ but also for those who demonstrate high degrees of beauty, poise and grace in executing their feats. Family and friends are all invited and we will round out the celebration with a fabulous Greek potluck luncheon. Final event to be held May 20, 2015. Mark your calendars now!

The Greek Pentathlon is the perfect complement to your student’s study of ancient Greek history, culture and/or mythology. To further supplement your studies, WLR is also offering Greek Myth, History & Art on Mondays starting in January. More information on Monday classes coming soon.

Gods approaching--2012

The gods and their entourage approach the site for the 2012 WLR Greek Pentathlon.