Greek Pentathlon & More!

WLR is planning for the 2015 Greek Pentathlon, a unique physical and educational experience for students in Grades 5-8 (minimum age is 10 years old).

The Pentathlon Training is the perfect complement to your student’s study of Greek History and/or Mythology.  Participation in the ancient Greek Games brings his or her studies to life while creating a life-long memory.

Gods approaching the Pentathlon

Gods approaching the Pentathlon

Students will train for discus, javelin, Greek wrestling, running, and long jump. This program will emphasize safety as well as poise and grace throughout the training. Each week will include warm-ups, training and practice in 1-2 events, and cool down/stretching. Ideal for those studying Greek Mythology and History, or for those who have previously studied these subjects.

In addition, we are planning for a Greek Mythology & Art block for our Monday class schedule at the Grange.