New class! Basic Grammar Through Story & Art

For many students, grammar is either confusing or boring. But in this class, students learn MrsExclamatory2-187x259the basics of grammar through imagination and art. Actively engaged in the process of learning, students use not only their heads (the intellect) but also their hearts (the imagination) and their hands. When all three faculties are engaged, students not only absorb new material more easily, they also tend to retain it longer. Students will learn the parts of speech in a concrete rather than an abstract manner.

The artistic process gives the child an opportunity to absorb what is being taught, thus gaining an understanding that goes far beyond memorization of a definition. Materials will be provided. The finished drawings can form the basis of a Lesson Book which can be added to with further written or artistic work at home if desired.

For more information or to register, visit or call Sandi at 916-606-0799.