Welcome to Wholistic Learning Resources!

Welcome to WLR! We provide specialty classes and programs specifically designed for families who choose to home educate. WLR currently serves the communities of Sacramento, Placerville, and Davis, California. If you live out of the area, and are interested in bringing our classes to your city, contact us.

Sandi-white_sweater-cropped-139x113My name is Sandi Russi and I have been a supporter of home education for over 14 years. When my youngest son was about four years old, perhaps like you, I tentatively put that first toe in the water.

Having come from a Waldorf background and looking to connect with like-minded families, we soon began WISH: Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers. Through WISH, we found a wonderful art teacher, and sought other specialty teachers willing to work with homeschoolers. But we didn’t want to drive multiple times a week to various classes! We dreamed of a one-day-a-week program offering specialty classes such as Art, Eurythmy, Handwork, Woodworking, Science and others.

As WISH grew, it became apparent that the time for such a program was ripe. So pulling together the necessary resources, in 2010, Wholistic Learning Resources (WLR) was born out of that vision.

The choice to home educate is a life style decision, and although my son recently graduated from high school, I still enjoy connecting with the local homeschooling community and staying involved with WISH.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. You’ll find class descriptions, photos, teacher biographies, testimonials from our families, and information on the Vision and Mission of WLR. The class schedule is updated 8-12 weeks before the start of each session, and registration opens around the same time. In addition, you can find more photos and videos of our classes on Facebook.

Thank you for stopping by on your homeschooling journey! If you have any questions about our classes or programs, or about homeschooling in general, feel free to call me any time.